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Board Meeting Agenda


Regular Meeting Of The Board Of Directors 

Granby, Colorado

October 11, 2019

8:00 A.M.


AGENDA (Revised)


1.         Call to Order, Roll Call, Determination of Quorum


2.         Public Comment Period 

                  a.  8:15 AM Gayle Perron-Krawetz, Tom Bromberg and Bruce Newton, Iron Horse Board, Master Metering Request

3.         Minutes from Previous Meetings


4.         Attorney Report


5.         Manager's Report


6.         Discussion/Action Items

                    a.      Level 2 Electric Vehicle/Time-of-Use Tariff Discussion
                    b.      Board Policy A-7 Selection of Independent Auditor
                    c.      Board Policy D-8 Contested Director Elections
                    d.      Tariff 201 Rate Classification and Assignment - Section 202.7
                    e.      2020 Budget Review
                    f.       10 Year Forecast 
                    g.       Mountain Parks Educational Fund
                              1.  Review electric bus grants with school districts
                    h.       2020 MPEI Annual Meeting - Location, Time and Date Decision


7.         Engineering Report


8.         Operations & Safety Report


9.         Finance Report


10.       Information Technology Report


11.       Human Resources & Administration Report


12.       Member Relations & Communications Report      


13.       Bills for Payment


14.       Board Open Forum & Associated Board Reports


15.       Executive Session 


16.       Old Business


17.       New Business


18.       Mountain Services Meeting (if needed)


(If a Member wishes to address the Board during the Public Comment portion of a meeting, the Member may attend the meeting and address the Board during the Public Comment portion of the meeting. If a Member wishes to be placed on the agenda as an action item, the Member shall submit a written request to the General Manager at least 15 days prior to a regularly scheduled Board meeting).

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