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Energy-Efficiency Rebates

NOTE: To qualify for rebates, you must be an MPE member, have installed the appliances/lighting in your MPE service residence, submit receipts with appliance/lighting model and brand name and efficiency data to MPE within 120 days of purchase (ATTN: MPE's Billing Department, 970-887-3378)




Electric Water Heaters (30- to 55-gallon water heaters only, excludes tank-less water heaters) 


New Construction or Fuel-Switching (from natural gas or propane to electric) ONLY:

  • UP TO $250 per water heater ($230 for the electric water heater, PLUS $20 if it has a lifetime tank warranty)

  • NOTE: pre- and post-inspection required for fuel-switching


Electric Water Heater Replacement (excludes tankless water heaters):

  • Lifetime tank warranty: $70
  • Standard tank style (no lifetime warranty): $50

""Energy Star Appliances (replacement units only, not new construction)

  • Clothes Washer (front loading): $40
  • Clothes Washer (top loading): $30
  • Dishwasher: $20
  • Electric Clothes Dryer: $30
  • Electric Clothes Dryer (ventless, hybrid heat pump): $90
  • Freezers: $30
  • Freezer Recycle: $60
  • Refrigerators: $30
  • Refrigerator Recycling: $60

""LED Light Bulbs

  • 500 or > lumens
  • Limit 50 bulbs per meter per year per customer (member-owner)
  • Lower of 50% of lamp cost or $8/bulb 


HVAC Equipment (Residential & Commercial)

-  Air-Source Heat Pumps
   15-17 SEER - $300/ton
    >17 SEER - $450/ton

- Ground-Source Heat Pumps - $500/ton



""Lighting Retrofit

  • 1 project per year/per meter
  • LED lights only 
  • Rebate estimate: MAX of 50% of fixture/lamp cost, but could be lower (based on Tri-State pre-determined values)
  • $20,000 per project cap
  • $15 per occupancy sensor
  • $7 per LED exit sign 
  • You must contact MPE within 120 days of purchase
  • Invoice, number of lights/lamp, cut sheet for each light/lamp

""LED Refrigerated Case Lighting

  • $3,000 MAX rebate per account location cap (50 doors or equivalent)
  • Up to 50% of total LED fixture cost per project


""LED Outdoor Parking Lot Lighting

  • Based on lumen output (check with MPE before purchasing)
  • 25% of head cost
  • $20,000 per project cap 


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