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Green Power Program History & Stats

2018 Program Stats

2018 was another great year for Mountain Parks Electric’s (MPE’s) Green Power Program.  The program awarded more than $30,000 in rebates to photovoltaic (PV) systems, the Grand Lake micro-hydro recovery system and another electric vehicle charging station installed within the MPE Service Territory. Since 2011, the Green Power Program has awarded more than $170,000 to local "green" projects and continues to carry out its mission: to assist MPE members who generate electricity with local renewable resources, thus benefiting the area’s economy. 


2018 Rebate Recipients

  • Blue Sky Lodging, Hot Sulphur Springs, $1,540 – 5.4 kW PV system
  • Caren Welcome, Parshall, $1,240 – 2.4 kW PV system
  • Matthew Arcay, Rand, $1,480 – 7.25 kW PV system
  • Mark Cody, Kremmling, $1,480 – 4.8 kW PV system
  • Susan Burkey, Silverthorne, $1,708 – 7.08 kW PV system
  • Dakota Docheff, Kremmling, $1,754 – 7.54 kW PV system
  • Kenneth Fosha, Granby, $2,000 – 24.84 kW PV system
  • Audra Gray, Kremmling, $1,910 – 9.1 kW PV system
  • Scott Hallgren, Tabernash, $1,480 – 4.8 kW PV system
  • Dave Lawson, Fraser, $1,540 – 5.4 kW PV system
  • Town of Granby, $3,160 – 21.6 kW PV system
  • Charles Schonberger, Grand Lake, $1,162 – 1.62 kW PV system
  • Thomas Stephens, Grand Lake, $1,580 – 5.58 kW PV system
  • Mark McLean, Grand Lake, $1,203 – 2.03 kW PV system
  • Dennis Driver, Tabernash, $1,183 – 1.83 kW PV system 
  • Michael Wageck, Grand Lake, $1,465 – 4.65 kW PV system
  • Gerald Boyd, Granby, $1,527 – 5.27 kW PV system


How the Program Began

The Green Power Program was established in 1999. Prior to January 1, 2011, all funds were used to purchase renewable energy credits outside of MPE’s service territory. Now these funds are rebated to local renewable energy installations.  MPE’s “keeping it local” Green Power Program vision has attracted more than 1,200 monthly contributors.


Public Renewables Tour

In August, 2015, MPE and Simply Efficient sponsored a free public tour (photographed below) of local renewable projects within its service territory. Twenty-one MPE members attended the event, which featured renewable projects at three residences that received MPE Green Power Program rebates.   



Program Funding

Although some contribute $100 a month, any MPE member can support the program by contributing as little as $1.00 a month – a charge added to your electric bill.  One dollar represents approximately 150 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy.  One-time and annual contributions are also accepted. To donate, simply fill out our contribution form.



Rebate Award Levels

Residential: $1,000 + $0.10 per DC watt ($2,000 maximum)
Business/Organization/Commercial:  $1,000 + $0.10 per DC watt ($8,000 maximum)


Green Power Program Advisory Committee


More Information

Chris Michalowski, Power Use Advisor

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