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Green Power Program Rebate Application


To apply for MPE's renewable energy rebate, please fill out the form below. Rebates are funded by voluntary contributions from MPE members. To contribute to the rebate fund, please fill out our simple contribution application. Rebates are dependent on available funds. You must submit your rebate application within 4 months of the date of purchase. The Green Power Board of Directors reviews all applications on a quarterly basis.  


Maximum Rebate Amounts

Residential: $1,000 + $0.10/DC watt (MAX of $2,000)
Business/Organization: $1,000 + $0.10/DC watt (MAX of $8,000)

Select Residential or Business/Commercial
Enter your name
Enter your address
Enter your City, State and Zip Code
Enter your phone number
Enter your email address
If applying for a business/organization, please enter a contact person
Enter physical location of renewable energy system
Enter the name on your electric account
Enter the nameplate capacity of your renewable energy system

Rebate Application Processing

Rebates will be considered upon completion of installation and operation of your renewable energy system. Upon emailing this form, the applicant warrants and represents that the information provided is true and complete until a written notice of change is provided. The applicant also agrees that the Mountain Parks Electric Green Power Board is authorized to make inquires deemed necessary to validate the rebate application's accuracy. All information included in your rebate application will be used for the sole purpose of determining whether or not to award the project rebate dollars.

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