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June 2017 Board Meeting Minutes



Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

Granby, Colorado

June 8, 2017

8:00 A.M.



Present: Greg Norwick, Richard Zieff, Carl Trick, Jeff Hauck, Justin Fosha, Liz McIntyre, Peggy Smith, Tom Sifers, Kayci Green, Scott Simmons, Rich Trostel, Rob Taylor, Stacie Dellamano, and Levi Williamson. 


Call to Order

President Greg Norwick called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m.


Determination of Quorum

A quorum was declared.


Public Comment

There was no public comment.



The Board reviewed the meeting minutes from the May 11, 2017 meeting.

MOTION: Director Zieff moved to approve the minutes of the May 11, 2017 meeting as presented.  The motion passed unanimously.


Bills for Payment

The Board reviewed the list of cash disbursements for May, 2017.

MOTION: Director Zieff moved to ratify the May, 2017 cash disbursements from general funds per the cash disbursement list presented to the Board.  The motion passed unanimously.


Election of Officers

The Board held an election of officers.  The following officers were elected:

President: Greg Norwick

Vice President: Richard Zieff

Secretary/Treasurer: Jeff Hauck

            Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Carl Trick, Justin Fosha, Peggy Smith and Liz McIntyre


Attorney Summary Fees Report

The Board reviewed Attorney Williamson’s fees summary report for May, 2017.  Williamson reported on his attendance at the CREA attorneys’ meeting.

MOTION:  Director Zieff moved to approve Attorney Williamson’s report.  The motion passed unanimously.


Manager’s Report

The General Manager’s Report as prepared by Tom Sifers was reviewed.  Sifers and the Board discussed how the MPEI Annual Meeting went.  Carl Trick reported on his attendance at the regular meeting of the Tri-State Board of Directors.  Tri-State is not interested in allowing members to attach commercial fiber to its transmission poles.  Sifers reported that he received an offer to lease MPSI’s minerals in Jackson County.  The Board asked Williamson to review the proposed lease.  Director Trick stated that he would not be in favor of a lease that allows surface operations on MPSI’s property.  Sifers expressed concern about any water discharged from surface activities.  Rob Taylor reported that the Town of Walden is in talks with Sharper Energy regarding a possible PV/net metering project at the Walden water treatment and sewer plants.  Sifers reported on the status of the RMI RFP.  Morgan County REA and KC Electric both dropped out of the RFP.  The Town of Fraser is moving forward with the conversion of their street lights to LED lights under MPEI’s new street light tariff.  Sifers reported that Tariff 321.04 should be revised to reflect the Board’s intent when the tariff was last revised.  The Board discussed the tariff and directed Sifers and Williamson to revise Tariff 321.03 and 321.04 consistent with their comments today.  Sifers asked if MPEI should continue as a member of Club 20.  Director Norwick expressed his opinion that MPEI should continue in Club 20.  Sifers and Joe Palmer will meet with Yampa Valley Electric employees regarding their experiences with building broadband in Yampa Valley’s system.  The MPEI company picnic will be July 29 in Walden. 


Finance Report

The Finance Report as prepared by Dellamano was reviewed.  Dellamano presented financials through April.  Sales are down 1.37% compared to 2016.  She presented an analysis of the Granby hydro project.  She presented financials through May for the Charitable Trust, the Green Power program, and the Educational Trust. 

MOTION:  Director McIntyre moved to approve the Finance Report as presented.  The motion passed unanimously.


Office Services Report

The Office Services Report as prepared by Ransom was reviewed. 


Engineering Report

The Engineering Report as prepared by Simmons was reviewed.  He reported that new service requests are picking up.  The RFP for engineering services for the fiber buildout has been sent out.  Bids are due by June 16.  Simmons reported on his meeting with the solar developers that bid on the RMI RFP.  MPEI must conduct a “Form 300” review of its operations and maintenance work.  Simmons is talking to Reliable Power Consultants about contracting with them to acquire easements for MPEI’s broadband buildout. 

President Norwick recessed the meeting at 11:27 a.m. for the MPEI Educational Trust meeting and reconvened at 12:54 p.m. 


Operations & Safety Report

The Operations and Safety Report as prepared by Trostel was reviewed.  A MPEI substation is off-line and will be off until at least September.  There were no lost-time accidents in May.  There was one “reportable” injury. 

MOTION: Director McIntyre moved to accept the Safety Report.  The motion passed unanimously.


Member Relations and Communications Report

The Member Relations and Communications Report as prepared by Taylor was reviewed. Taylor reported on the science fair and the trophies purchased by MPEI for the fair.  He reported on the photo booth at the Annual Meeting.    


Information Technology Report

The Information Technology Report as prepared by Palmer was reviewed. 


Human Resources and Administration Report

The Human Resources and Administration Report as prepared by Green was reviewed.  Seven new employees have started since May 1.  She reported on other personnel matters.  Rosemary Knerr entered the meeting.  The Board thanked Knerr for her years of service.  Knerr thanked the Board. 


Board Open Forum & Associated Board Reports

Jeff Hauck reported on his attendance at the regular meeting of the CREA Board of Directors.   The meeting was held in Cortez at Empire Electric’s headquarters.  70% of Empire’s sales come from the Kinder Morgan CO2 extraction plant.  Tri-State will hold a conference on the effects of the marijuana industry on utilities. 

Carl Trick reported on his attendance at the Tri-State strategic planning session and the regular meeting of the Tri-State Board of Directors.  At the strategic planning session, the Board reviewed issues facing Tri-State, received a presentation regarding the Holcomb plant, and discussed the possibility of Tri-State members attaching fiber to Tri-State’s poles.  At the regular board meeting the Board received a letter from Y-W Electric Association’s General Manager protesting the new standby rate.  The Board received a presentation regarding Tri-State’s cyber security efforts.  32% of Tri-State’s member sales were supplied by renewable generation. 

Director Zieff reported on his attendance at the regular meeting of the Western United Board of Directors.  Western United reached $96 million in sales in eleven months.  The back-log is up.  Current margins are $5 million. 

Director McIntyre reported on her attendance at the Mountain Connect Conference. 

Director Hauck reported that the Aspen Ski Company endorsed a candidate running for the Holy Cross Board of Directors. 

Director McIntyre reported that Tucson Electric signed a PPA for 100MW of solar, with a 120MW battery, for $.045 per kWh. 


Action Item #1

Asplundh Tree Clearance Contract

Sifers presented the proposed contract with Asplundh for tree clearing.  Sifers recommends approval.    

            MOTION: Director Trick moved to approve the contract as presented.  The motion passed unanimously. 


Action Item #2

Review MPEI’s May 207-219’s

Sifers presented the Work Order List and the RUS Form 219.    

            MOTION: Director Trick moved to authorize the General Manager and the Board President to sign RUS Form 219 as presented.  The motion passed unanimously.    


Action Item #3

Review Policies A-1; A-2; and A-3

Sifers presented MPEI policies A-1; A-2; and A-3. 

            MOTION: Director Zieff moved to approve the policies as presented.  The motion passed unanimously. 

President Norwick recessed the meeting at 2:18 p.m. to conclude the Educational Trust meeting and reconvened at 3:20 p.m.


Executive Session

            MOTION: Director Fosha moved to go into executive session for confidential personnel matters and confidential business discussions with the following in attendance: All directors present at the meeting, Tom Sifers, Kayci Green, Rich Trostel and Attorney Williamson.  The motion passed unanimously. 

            MOTION: Director Fosha moved to come out of executive session.  The motion passed unanimously. 


Old Business



New Business



The Meeting adjourned at 3:52 p.m.

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