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One thing we really want to know ...

by Tom Sifers, MPE General Manager


HOW DO WE MEASURE UP: take our online survey ad

These days, when I conduct my online business, there is frequently a pop-up notification soliciting me to participate in a customer satisfaction survey. Sometimes I do. But most of the time I do not. It depends on how visually intrusive the pop-up notification is and the length of the survey. That being the case, it might strike you as odd that I would ask you to consider participating in our online survey.


But that’s precisely my intent. I’m asking you to log on to RIGHT NOW and do it. Here’s why:


Each year, MPE considers budgeting for a scientific survey of you, our membership. That entails contracting a firm to survey approximately 400 of our members at random. Survey questions are deliberately structured to solicit responses through similarly-phrased questions. The strength of this type of survey is that the results are about 95 percent accurate. However, it costs approximately $15,000 to $20,000. MPE may hire an independent consulting firm to conduct another survey of this type in the future, but for now we are using what is readily available and economical: online surveys, like the one I'm asking you to take.


So what’s in it for me? (You might ask). Participating in our survey gives you a chance to win a drawing for a $50 bill credit on your MPE bill. All you have to do is answer a few questions. It takes most people just a few minutes. Our surveys typically consist of ten questions, with two standard questions - rating our customer service and electric reliability on a scale of one to ten.  The remaining questions (which change quarterly) are designed to solicit a response that may help guide future MPE decisions.


For example, recently I read an article about electric vehicles (EVs). I was surprised to learn that as of July 2017, there were 10,930 registered EVs in Colorado. By 2030 the projection is 300,000. Those numbers definitely got my attention. Consequently, our last quarterly survey included two EV questions: If the sticker price of an electric vehicle was equal to or less than a gasoline-powered vehicle, would you purchase the electric vehicle? (51% responded yes). If MPE offered a reduced, overnight electric rate to charge an electric vehicle, would you consider purchasing an electric vehicle? (57% responded yes). 


MPE’s online surveys also include a section for you to add specific comments and a way to request follow-up contact. MPE is owned by those we serve. Your input and participation is vital in helping us continue serving you to the best of our ability. On a scale of one to ten, our customer service rating during the Fall 2017 Quarter was 9.3, and our service reliability was 9.4. Solid numbers. But with your help, we hope to improve. 

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